New Artist Residency by Twisted Oyster



January 2019 – Twisted Oyster kicks off a series of residencies. Another great announcement is that Twisted Oyster has partnered with some amazing individuals and creatives to expand its program to host Artist Residencies in Italy and Mexico. In 2019, The newly added Residencies Program aim to continue the conversation ignited by the successful Vital Signs exhibition last July.

In a conversation with Pia Cruzalegui, she said, “In 2018, Twisted Oyster introduced Vital Signs, a poignant sensorial exhibition on Climate Change, and for 2019, Twisted Oyster continues to carry its message of concern for the Planet’s environment by inviting artists to connect or reconnect with nature, interact with locals, learn about environmentally driven activities like farming or botany… As with every project I lead, I aim to open a dialogue through art by providing opportunities to exchange ideas, have an intimate experience with a community through a wholesome approach, and to broaden our understanding through social and cultural engagements.”

Visit the page here:

art + mindfulness

copy of art + mindfulness

art residency

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