About TOFF

Twisted Oyster Experimental Film Festival 2017 presents an exhibition of short films, new media and video art works in Chicago, IL, USA

Video and New Media Art Opening: October 20, 2017 at ArtNXTLevel Gallery

Film Screenings: October 14, 21-22 at Comfort Film Station

Now in its third year, the Twisted Oyster Film Festival leads the way in search of works that push the boundaries of content and narrative with a mission to bridge culture, society and technology. For 2017, we seek to highlight women creators, directors and artists from all over the world, whose works are meaningful, innovative and go in tandem with our times.

We Give Back:

1. Last year we started an outreach program inviting young artists to experience and learn about video art. This year we seek to do the same and more!

2. For 2017 TOFF seeks local Chicago video/new media artists and filmmakers for an in depth conversation/presentation of what it means to be a woman today and how we intersect society, culture and technology (details to follow in website).

3. We donate to WINGS and Women Employed

4. We give tickets to students

More information:

Call for entries

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