The festival has now expanded its program to host residencies. The first two of three for this year will take place in Italy, with one underworks for Mexico at the end of the year. In addition, the festival has been selected to exhibit in Greece and it seems natural to continue to connect the creative community. The approach to Twisted Oyster’s Residency Program is its holistic foundation and its philosophy to connect the artists and community to further ideas and open dialogue to issues of profound impact.

In 2018, Twisted Oyster introduced Vital Signs, an immersive and sensorial exhibition on Climate Change, and for 2019, Twisted Oyster continues to carry its message of concern for the Planet’s environment. An issue that seems a paradigm and because of that it invites artists, filmmakers, musicians and all other creatives to come together to continue to raise awareness, connectivity, understanding through building community and to open dialogue through the arts. And what better way to do this than to have residencies aimed to create meaningful works, participate in colloquiums, attend symposiums, have an opportunity to show their work and group critiques, dialogue about issues, prompt them to connect or reconnect to nature, interact with locals to understand their immediate challenges or learn about activities deriving from their exposure to the earth, the environment and their endeavors. Twisted Oyster residencies open an opportunity to have an intimate experience with a locality, and provides artists and other creatives with a wholesome approach to expand intellectually, socially and artistically.

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