Twisted Oyster to Open in Greece


kefalonia (2)December 2018. Twisted Oyster 2019 will open in Kefalonia Island, Greece. Twisted Oyster was selected among hundreds of proposals for an iteration of Vital Signs in Greece. Ionion Center for Arts and Culture in will be the host of the festival opening call to international artists and filmmakers whose work focuses on the environment and the environment. This year’s festival will focus on the Mediterranean region. In addition to the show, Twisted Oyster founder and director, Pia Cruzalegui, will conduct a 14-day master class on the Immersive Sensorial Art Practice,  a two part master class exploring the different mediums and mechanisms in which to create artworks that can be compelling through the use of technology, and unpacks ideas on how the artistic application of activist principles could bring about significant change.

MASTER CLASS: Interested in attending the masterclass please contact: , Subject: Immersive Sensorial Art Practice by Pia Cruzalegui Or fill out this form

To submit a film or new media work:


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