Twisted Oyster 2018: Vital Signs

Festival Dates: July 20 – August 5
Location: Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, IL

Miami, FL (Date and venue TBA)

Submit films through:

This year’s theme: Vital Signs

The 2018 Twisted Oyster Film and Time-based Art Festival will place its focus on the environment and the impact of climate change on the planet. The festival will be a platform to drive awareness with an impactful exhibition that brings forward works that speak to this concern. This year’s theme, Vital Signs, reflects on the ongoing climatological crisis the delicate state of the planet and will invite an audience to enjoy its magnificent beauty and paralleled decay.

The observable effects resulting from the increase in global mean temperature has caused glaciers to melt, coral reefs to die, rivers to shrink, animals to shift behaviors and trees to flower sooner. The human induced gases and warming are causing the planet’s sea ice to melt rapidly, accelerating the rise of sea levels and experiencing more intense heat waves and drastic temperature changes. The idea for this year’s exhibition derives from an individual and global concern to broaden awareness to the current state and continuous deterioration of the earth’s sensitivity to human actions.

2018 was declared International Year of the Reef and last year the United States was pulled out of the Paris Agreement. Doing nothing on climate change is irrational and reversing its non-participatory status is impossible for now, but we cannot stay numb or paralyzed. A significant number of organizations, private firms, some of the world’s biggest businesses and average individuals from all corners of the world are taking action with the understanding that climate change is good for everyone.

The primary goal is to promote understanding of the importance of preservation, create awareness of present realities, be conscious that we need these natural features alive and active, and help implement measures that can help us reactivate or retain some lost resources. Take for example a coral reef: besides containing one of the most diverse ecosystems in the planet, they protect coastlines and a habitat to fish species. Climate change, wastewater and fossil fuel pollution, careless tourism and overfishing has impacted these habitats, produced mass-bleaching and decay where marine species are disappearing and oceans are becoming more acidic affecting an entire food chain. There is value in preserving the ocean, it produces 50-80% of the oxygen we breath, we depend on its ecosystem, and yet, we continue to dump 300 tons of waste per day. If the reefs disappear it would be disastrous in the tropics, large coastal regions will disappear and an entire economies will be affected significantly.

The films and video art presented throughout the duration of the exhibit will tease the imagination and express a profound impact. The show will entertain and cultivate ideas that enlighten and unify a diverse, rich and enthusiastic community while promoting a continued understanding through the language of art.


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