TOFF 2017 Official Selections: Film, Video and Installation Art

October 9, Chicago Illinois – This year, the Twisted Oyster Film Festival received nearly 100 submissions including shorts, feature films and video artworks from all over the world between June and September. Thirteen films have been shortlisted to take part in this year’s film screening official selection. The selected filmmakers are: Kym McDaniel, Angela Pinaglia, Mira Steinzor, Rie Ito-Hiraka and ChristinaSchnabel, Sarah Lasley, Lana Caplan, Jessica Jacobs, Natalie Kennedy, Valentina Manzoni, Ajla Yee, Nina Hoechtl, Pamela J. Peters, Shayna Connelly and Ena Sendijarev.

All films will be screened at Comfort Station, 2579 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, October 14 (6-8 PM) and October 21 (6-8 PM).

Art show: Installation and video works by Alena Ahrens, Kioto Aoki, Crystal Beiersdorfer, Susan Krueger-Barber, Marina Leybishkis, Janice Marin, Rezvan Rosouli, Lilach Schrag, Erin Schalk, Sheila Scoville, Galina Shevchenko, Evi Stamou, Arielle Tonkin, J Turk. We will have an intervention performance by  an artist who will remain anonymous. The show will open at Art NXT Level Projects/33 Contemporary Gallery, 1029 W 35 Street (4th Floor), Chicago, IL 60609, October 20 7-10
About Twisted Oyster Film Festival

Twisted Oyster Film Festival (TOFF) is an organization dedicated to furthering the art and craft of artists and filmmakers, and recognizes their contributions to time-based media art forms and film. TOFF seeks to showcase and promote the work of aspiring and established artists and filmmakers by providing unique opportunities for engagement, cultural events and enhancing access, awareness and participation of a dynamic community.


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