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CHICAGO, Illinois—June. 27, 2017— Twisted Oyster Film Festival (TOFF) will  take place October 14, 20 – 22, 2017 and this year’s theme is The Power of the Feminine.”

Twisted Oyster Film Festival leads the way in search of works that push the boundaries of content and narrative with a mission to bridge culture, society and technology. For 2017, we seek to highlight women creators, directors and artists from all over the world, whose works are meaningful, innovative and go in tandem with our times.

Annually, the Festival opens with a Video Art Exhibition and this year we are expanding it’s format to include art installations with time-based component. The art opening will take place at ArtNXTLevel Gallery in the recognized Zhou Brothers Art Center in Chicago, and the exhibition will run from October 20th – November 10th, 2017, while the Film Screenings will premier at Comfort Station Logan Square on October 14th with programming running October 20th – 22nd, 2017.

We are excited to announce that this year’s event introduces a new award to its competition for its 3rd season, The Audience Award, which will be given in five categories, Best in Show, Documentary, Experimental, Fiction and Animation.  

Last year, we initiated an Outreach Program that will continue its aim to connect young artists and filmmakers, and introduce them to filmmaking and video art. TOFF will also program panels, roundtables, workshops and networking events where attendees can make connections.

TOFF is currently accepting entries for the 2017 Festival. Video artists and filmmakers can submit their projects at Final Deadlines are quickly approaching for film submissions: The Regular Deadline is September 22nd and the Late Deadline is September 30th.

About Twisted Oyster Film Festival

Twisted Oyster Film Festival (TOFF) is an organization dedicated to furthering the art and craft of artists and filmmakers, and recognizes their contributions to time-based media art forms and film. TOFF seeks to showcase and promote the work of aspiring and established artists and filmmakers by providing unique opportunities for engagement, cultural events and enhancing access, awareness and participation of a dynamic community.


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