Call for entries TOFF 2016


Call for entries TOFF 2016

Twisted Oyster Experimental Film Festival
An exhibition of experimental short films and video art works.
Screenings from November 18 through December 9, 2016

Deadline: September 30

***Extended deadline for graduate student films: October 15***

The Twisted Oyster Experimental Short Film and Video Art Festival is a short film and video competition presented by Kinetic Art Projects, Pia Cruzalegui at ACS Gallery and Comfort Station in the city of Chicago, IL., USA. The festival is curated by Pía Cruzalegui, and this year’s invited jurors are Gina Kelly, Josh Turk, Raul Benitez and Carlos Llerena-Aguirre. The focus of Twisted Oyster is to highlight independent and experimental film and video shorts that will engage diverse audiences on a range of aesthetic and content.

For this year’s theme we would like work that is innovative, breaks taboos, is cosmopolitan, political, social, sensitive, serious, joyful and mostly poetic. The global human status is worrisome. We inhabit a world of chaos where security control predominates, we find ourselves in dismay of social and political differences and misconceptions, in fear of foreigners and migrations, misunderstanding of religious beliefs, threatened civil liberties, and desires of emancipation from despot authorities and civil chaos. The 2016 Twisted Oyster Experimental Short Film Festival seeks videos and short films that use imagery, language or themes with a poetic approach. In a world of differences poetry in moving images can be catalyst for unity, conversation and transformation. We expect the 2nd edition of our festival to be contagious and unstoppable, inventive, rich, conscious and provocative. We look forward your wonderful works and we will inform selections by 10/30/2016

Twisted Oyster Film Festival, Kinetic Art Projects, Kinetic Entertainment (copyright © 2015-2016 Pia Cruzalegui.)

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