Call for entries TOFF 2016


Call for entries TOFF 2016

Twisted Oyster Experimental Film Festival
An exhibition of experimental short films and video art works.
Screenings from November 18 through December 9, 2016

Deadline: September 30

***Extended deadline for graduate student films: October 15***

The Twisted Oyster Experimental Short Film and Video Art Festival is a short film and video competition presented by Kinetic Art Projects, Pia Cruzalegui at ACS Gallery and Comfort Station in the city of Chicago, IL., USA. The festival is curated by Pía Cruzalegui, and this year’s invited jurors are Gina Kelly, Josh Turk, Raul Benitez and Carlos Llerena-Aguirre. The focus of Twisted Oyster is to highlight independent and experimental film and video shorts that will engage diverse audiences on a range of aesthetic and content.

For this year’s theme we would like work that is innovative, breaks taboos, is cosmopolitan, political, social, sensitive, serious, joyful and mostly poetic. The global human status is worrisome. We inhabit a world of chaos where security control predominates, we find ourselves in dismay of social and political differences and misconceptions, in fear of foreigners and migrations, misunderstanding of religious beliefs, threatened civil liberties, and desires of emancipation from despot authorities and civil chaos. The 2016 Twisted Oyster Experimental Short Film Festival seeks videos and short films that use imagery, language or themes with a poetic approach. In a world of differences poetry in moving images can be catalyst for unity, conversation and transformation. We expect the 2nd edition of our festival to be contagious and unstoppable, inventive, rich, conscious and provocative. We look forward your wonderful works and we will inform selections by 10/30/2016

Rules & Terms

General Submission Guidelines
Short films and video art works must be no longer than 15-30 minutes and produced in 2014 or later. One movie per submission. Selected works for the show must be downloadable – .MOV or .MP4 files, preferably in H.264 codec. Submissions must include all of the following as a single Word document:

Name of artist, director and/or producer
Full contact information (address, phone, email, website)
Title of work, date of production, running time
Direct web link to preview film or video project online.
Direct web link to download film or video project. We will only download the final set of selected works
Project Synopsis (250 words maximum)
Brief biography of the artist/director (150 words maximum)
Screening history, achievements and awards

Submissions must be sent via email with a direct web link to the artist/director/project website, link to YouTube or Vimeo account to view the work online (please provide passwords if necessary), or via web file transfer.

Please label your email’s subject heading as “Twisted Oyster Experimental Film-Video Fest: YourFirstName YourLastName” and mail to

Open to film/video artists in the U.S. and abroad, ages 21 or over. No works previously exhibited in the state of Illinois. Works may be representational, abstract, non-representational or conceptual.

Director and Founder
Pía Cruzalegui, MFA

Pía Cruzal­egui is a ­Chicago ba­sed video­ artist an­d curator. She has ex­hibited in­ multiple exhi­bitions in­ Miami­, New York­, Chicago,­ Los Angel­es, Paris­, Dubai an­d Cuzco, P­eru. She h­as worked in numerou­s producti­ons for te­levision a­nd film, a­nd has wor­ked as a m­edia producer at the­ Universit­y of Miami­ and Miami­ Dade Coll­ege. Pía C­ruzalegui ­was artist­-curator r­esidency a­t the Zhou­ B. Art Ce­nter in 20­15 where s­he develop­ed the fir­st Media and Perform­ance Art R­oom. Prese­ntly, she ­organizes ­and curate­s art and film even­ts at UnLo­ck Hause and the Twisted Oyster Film Festival.

K¡net!c Art Projects is dedicated to the visibility and development of emerging and established artists and filmmakers by providing a space to showcase their creative and intellectual work across disciplines.

TOFF counts with a pool of professionals in contemporary arts and film industry professionals for the film and video art selections. Last year’s and this year’s jurors are found here.


Duration Restrictions
Micro films and video art: Under 10 minutes. Short films, 10-30 minutes. Feature films, 80-120 minutes.

Submission Fees
Early entries $15.00, regular entries $25.00, late entries $45.00, student film $10.00. Fees are non-refundable. One film per submission. (Update: As of September, we are accepting late submissions via PayPal (

Accepted Work
Selected works will be screened November 18, 2016 through December 9, 2016.

Works must be delivered in digital format (NTSC) .MOV or .MP4 files, preferably in H.264 codec. Works can be delivered via web file transfer sites and send to

Video or film works will not be insured by Kinetic Projects, Pia Cruzalegui or its affiliates. If this changes, this clause will be updated. All precautions will be made to handle and secure the work while in our care. Shipping insurance to and from the gallery or cinema will be the responsibility of the artist.

Your submission grants the following: 1) Permission to Kinetic Projects to use digital images sent by the artist for publicity, catalog, promotional and/or educational purposes. 2) Placement of digital images on our website unless written notification is given to the curators before exhibit opening. 3) Agrees with all the terms and conditions listed above. 4) Releases Kinetic Art Projects and its affiliates of any lost or damage of digital works.

How To Submit
First, you will be asked to pay the submission fee via PayPal, then, email your images following the instructions online. Images received without the PayPal payment or without following the submission instructions will not be accepted. A confirmation email will let you know that we have received your images. If you wish to submit by mail, please follow the instructions in the submission page.

Twisted Oyster Film Festival, Kinetic Art Projects, Kinetic Entertainment (copyright © 2015-2016 Pia Cruzalegui.)


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